About us

Introducing Arzyab Modiriyat Homam

The growing trend of trust and the emphasis of senior executives of organizations in applying standards and modern management patterns, reflects the impetus and will of the country’s macro-management to empower and prosper the potential capacity of organizations’ managements, which this goal has led us to provide distinguished services with a modern approach and by using qualified auditors and technicians in each industry and understanding customers’ needs and accompanying them at all stages to achieve continuous improvement, we will prove our worthiness to do this to our dear customers.

Arzyab Modiriyat Homam with perspective of

“Providing a complete portfolio of audit and training services in the field of management system standards”

And with the mission of

“The implementation of an impartial, transparent and effective audit, with respect to the principles of confidentiality, secrecy and trust, to enhance the quality level of customer’s standard systems,”

is active in the field of audit and training of management systems

The company’s approach are to increase the level of quality, knowledge and skills and to help creating areas for continuous improvement in organizations, thus, it is trying to provide new solutions for growth in order to improve the performance of the client’s organization. Therefore, everyone is doing its best to use all the latest world’s techniques and global models of the world in line with the quality objectives.

Arzyab Modiriyat Homam, together with the close relationship with the certification bodies that have special place in international areas, provides its customers the potential of representing their products and services with the highest possible quality in their respective markets, according to their organizational goals. The use of experienced and knowledgeable auditors and familiar with the industry and providing a written report that can be used to improve the organization in all audits, is the policy of the audit process of Arzyab Modiriyat Homam.

The variety of offering certificates, as well as the range of acceptable scopes compare to many of the partner companies, the speed of certification and the reasonable cost, and of course the simple and beautiful logo are the benefits of this company. The goal of the Arzyab Modiriyat Homam is to accept and apply the standard management principles by all interested parties in the direction of the development and improvement of our beloved country.