Why AMH?

1- Extensive communication:

– Arzyab Modisuyat Homam communications with internationally reputable companies in the field of audit and training of management systems and the possibility of accurate responsiveness to the needs of customers in various industries.

2- Special services:

– Arzyab Modiriyat Homam gives up to 20% discount on the use of ACADEMY training courses for its customers.

– Provides its publications free to the customers.

– Holds Lead Auditor training courses under the authority of CQI-IRCA and EXEMPLAR-GLOBAL, directly and without intermediaries.

3- Quality and flexibility in services:

– Variety of service along with high speed response to customer requests.

– Submit a written report that can be used to improve the organization in all audits.

4- Specialized and committed manpower:

– A relatively high work experience in providing services and having a professional team

– Use of experienced and familiar to industry auditors.

  1. Managing Customers’ related Risks:

– Provides continuous information to the customer regarding important times such as readiness for surveillance audits.

– Accompany in special circumstances such as sanctions and fluctuations.