In the name of god
As conformity assessment should be carried out in an impartial manner, we are responsible for the impartiality of our conformity assessment activities, and the management director of the Arzyab Modiriyat Homam is committed to impartiality and does not let trade and financial pressures or other problems put impartiality at risk and for that, makes this statement publicly available
Since good and impartial judgments have benefits for the community and long-term interests of the company, as well as in order to protect professional credentials and to make correct and fair decisions, it is expected from all staff, whether full-time and part-time, involved in certification activities, to reveal any situation which put the company or themselves in status of conflict of interest. Our certification body records this information and uses it as an input to identify the impartiality threats posed by the activities of these employees or the organizations that employ them, and does not use these employees, within or outside the organization, unless it can be proved that there is no conflict of interest.
Also, Arzyab Modiriyat Homam as a certification body acts to respond to any threats to the impartiality of actions taken by other individuals, institutions and organizations. We will never outsource our audit activities to a management consulting service organization. We do not provide direct or indirect advice services related to certification services, and do not certify the management system of other certification bodies. Management director of Arzyab Modiriyat Homam will periodically review the remaining risks of certification activities to determine if they are at acceptable levels.