Arzyab Modiriyat Homam as one of the leading companies in providing audit and certification services for management systems, in order to provide value added services, its mission is to conduct an impartial and transparent audit, observing the principles of confidentiality and trust in order to improve the quality level of its customers’ management systems.
The goal of Arzyab Modiriyat Homam is to accept and apply the standard management principles by all interested parties in the direction of our beloved country development.
Arzyab Modiriyat Homam based on its experience, belief and commitment to continuous improvement of processes, fulfills the requirements of the National Accreditation Center of Iran in accordance with ISO / IEC 17021: 2015-1 requirements.
Managing director of Arzyab Modiriyat Homam, emphasizing on the view point of “satisfaction of customers and related interested parties,” believes that the employees of the organization, which are considered as the most valuable resource of this company, know it as their duty to do their best in order to fully understand the expectations of customers and other interested parties in In order to achieve organizational goals, and since conformity assessment should be carried out in an impartial manner, then all personnel need to understand the statement of impartiality and act on it, and should act toward understanding and executing the documentation
The outline of the Arzyab Modiriyat Homam’s macro orientations is as follows:
1- Increasing customer satisfaction by timely fulfillment of obligations and providing accurate and clear findings.
2- Continuous training of employees and promotion of technical and quality knowledge related to their activities in order to continuously improve the provision of services.
3- Consideration of complaints and appeal without prejudice, fair and equitable and impartial, without charging money and revealing the identity of Plaintiffs and applicants.
4- Increasing the covered scope and standards to meet customer demands.
6- Adoption of requests that do not conflict with the Requirements governing the Company
I ensure continuous improvement and achievement of the goals set with monitoring and annual review of the management system and the establishment of an organization structure in accordance with the company’s selected standards in terms of sustainable development.